Why I packed my bags and left and would encourage you to give it a go

Growing up with an active lifestyle and a competitive nature always pushed me to go the extra mile. My Dad was in the Navy for ten years and had become quite the story teller about the amazing countries he saw, the experiences he’d endured on and the things he learnt while being away from home. I loved hearing my Dads stories and felt that it was my duty to create my own story to pass down to the fastest sperm cell that crosses the finish line. My Mum on the other hand, got married at a young age and had two kids, me and my brother. She felt compelled to ensure that I had the greatest teenage hood one could ask for (not by being spoilt rotten) by allowing me freedom. She encouraged me to make my own decisions and stood by me even when they went Pete Tong, I can not express how thankful I am for the way my parents raised me, unconditional love and support throughout.

At the age of sixteen I had left school and was working when my Mum took a brave decision to move out and rent the house to me and my brother, freedom! Now, one can not explain how many parties we held in our house and one thing led to another, before I knew it I was indulged in the rave scene all around the South east of England, the following years were pure bliss if dancing ecstatically for hours on end with fellow ravers and friends is your thing. The community involved in the scene is utterly breath taking, from the people who make / set up the rigs to the event staff, light engineers, venue hosts and of course the disc jockeys who spend a gruelling amount of hours and effort into sending us, the ravers, into a cosmos of ecstasy.

However, my love for the scene will always be there and it’s not something I ever want to stop, but I was starting to feel it was time for a change and to remove myself from the world of narcotics. I qualified my Business Admin apprenticeship and decided to look in to a bigger adventure, when, on my 19th Birthday me and my first love had decided to part ways. This was the kick In the balls I needed! I saved up money for flights, packed my bags and flew to Melbourne, Australia.

I write this fourteen months later and I have not looked back, and to be completely honest I can’t see me changing my mind for a very long time. I have never been happier and more complete as an individual in my life. Me and my adventure continue to grow on a daily basis, so don’t wait for the reasons to pile up, don’t let the media corrupt your view of the world and the beautiful human beings that live upon it. Pack your bags, book a one way flight, take a step into the unknown and I promise you, you will open your mind.

Thank you for taking your time to read my first blog, stay tuned to read more on my quest to spread love, happiness and joy throughout this short experience we have on earth.

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