Positive Vibrations

Removing negativity from your life can have a huge positive impact on your mood, your energy and will to be productive. It may seem obvious not be around negative energies but are you really doing it?  Last year I tried to remove as much negativity from my life as possible, this wasn’t because I was unhappy, but because I felt that my time could be used towards more positive things.

The first step was a simple step, make my own decisions, do what I want to do as long as my decision doesn’t impact somebody else’s life negatively. For example, when my friends would nag me to come out and consume large quantities of alcohol when I’m not feeling the urge. No thank you, I’m quite happy chilling with some friends at home, cooking, chatting, listening to music and smoking the herbal remedy. This isn’t to say I don’t go out, because I do, but I no longer feel pressurised towards having to be a part of the group every single time, I am happy with me and this can be applied to many different situations. The reception I have received from this is very positive actually, I have attracted friends more like minded and others have been quick to comment that I am very much myself, and will throw ideas my way that they know I will like.

I think the next step happened naturally, as I got more used to making my own decisions I noticed that things started happening on their own. I removed the negative people from my life, I am not saying I went through some sort of mental log of all my friends and deleted them out of my brain. However, I focused my time on those who deserved it, and returned it, those friends who do care regardless of the situation. I am not implying that anyone who was upset or needed support etc had to go, what I am saying is that anyone who oppresses or judges people negatively is more than likely to do the same about you, you don’t need that in your life, if somebody is judging you on a decision you have made about your life then remove them. Seek clarity in people, seek true friends who only have positive things to say about others, somebody who will make you smile rather than upset, laugh rather than angry.

Then it was on to things, things which had a negative impact on my day to day. The big three, social media, television and materialistic spending, all of which are linked. Through social media and television we are so deep into the want and desire to spend, spend, spend. Television got removed from the equation, not entirely, but most indefinitely for several reasons, I opened my eyes up and realised every single advert on tv has no relevance what so ever, it’s consumerism at it’s finest just loading your brain full of useless junk you “need”. Thinking about how much time I had wasted watching episodes of shit, how much money I had spent on the products advertised, how materialistic my life had become because television told me I needed a new pair of shoes, that I needed this brand new phone and most of all I needed the new angus beef from burger king. I’d had enough of it, all this circulation in my brain for no reason, for what? to watch someone sing and dance around a stage like an idiot. There isn’t enough time on this beautiful planet to sit around watching fake reality shows. If I am to watch something I’ll choose an informative video or a documentary, something thats positive. Of course a film gets chucked on when I need to rest but now my tv time is so minimal, when I do watch a film it is thoroughly enjoyed.

For a very long time I used to wake up unlock my phone and click that little blue F button, within minutes I was engrossed in other peoples lives, stuff quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit about, stuff I would rather not see. So, why do it day in day out? Why is that little blue F the first thing I did when waking up and the last thing I did before going to sleep? Tired of being kept up at night with unknown answers regarding people I don’t even speak to. You may not think it but all of this negative information builds up, all of the adverts you see on tv, the violence you see over the news, the animosity on facebook builds up inside you. If the first thing you see when you wake up is negative it will have a huge impact on the rest of your day, likewise if it’s the last thing you see before sleeping. So many people are open to read irrelevant information all day but can’t get their head into an informative book or blog. Cut down your social media time, don’t make it a routine, only use it when you get some down time. I stand by this, I used to use social media a lot and have cut down dramatically, and investing my time into something more productive and informative has made me a lot happier.

I don’t think I really need to say much about materialistic spending, go on youtube, watch The Minimalists and take note. You will surprise yourself with how simple life is with less stuff. Removing lots of unwanted junk can clear your mind and help making a decision easier, when I lived in England I had a huge wardrobe full of clothes and struggled picking what to wear. Now, I have what I need, no more, no less. If you love shopping, well eat your heart out, there are too many second hand shops to take advantage of and they have some hidden gems for cheap! Don’t impulse buy, walk away and think about it, ask yourself simple questions before making a purchase.

Do I REALLY need it?

Can I get one second hand?

For years I have felt very strongly about helping towards a more sustainable earth, about what I can do as an individual to help the human race. To see this amazing world live with equity, peace and free movement, not as divided races but as one race, the human race. These thoughts were eating up inside me for some time so I knew it was time to take action, I had to practice what I preach. Going vegetarian was the first step and a journey which I thoroughly enjoyed as I transformed from a meat eating gym junkie to quite the opposite. It’s now 2017 and I have just gone vegan, the step has actually been fairly easy, very educational and I am feeling positive. I am now putting more money back into the people by shopping locally and trying to avoid big franchises who use tax  loopholes to take from the system.

I’ve been more patient with people and open to other ideas, I’ve helped people willingly without ask, treated others how I wish to be treated and let karma deal with anything unjust. My life seems more guided now then it ever has, and for that I thank Reggae music. From a young age I have always been very interested with Rastafari culture and the more knowledge I gain about the history and culture the more guidance I receive. Me opening up to myself and taking the steps towards what I feel has a positive impact on the earth, also has an enormous positive impact on my brain. So follow your heart and the happiness will come

My good friend Mike on the ukulele spreading joy

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