Last year at Rainbow I was about three months into my travelling experience and didn’t have many epic adventures to captivate people with and spent the large majority of the time doing what I did best back then, get loose and dance like techno viking.

However, a year later I returned as quite a different human being with a big bag full of stories. I’ve always wanted to give back to the community and decided it would be great to volunteer given the opportunity. What I didn’t expect was the volunteering position to have such a profound impact on my festival, being a ‘Roving Ranger’ required me to ensure people were hydrated, had plenty of sun cream on and wasn’t passing out in the sun. If anyone needed medical attention or a safe place to go we could assist them, through talking to people and letting them know we are here to help I met a lot of lovely people, and they were very happy to know where they can get their drugs tested to be safe with what they was taking.

Even off shift I spent the large majority of my time creating random acts of kindness and my festival started to take shape, I met some of the most open minded, conscious related beautiful souls the world could have placed at my feet. The conversations that took place were not only inspiring but gripping, I didn’t want to leave the people I had met, we were sharing knowledge about numerology, conspiracy theories, organite, an organic world with no boundaries, filled with love and happiness, no war, no poverty. We laughed for hours on end and I have left the festival feeling somewhat more complete.

Saturday night when I finished work it was time to go get amongst it. A few hours later the trips kicked in along with the feeling of freedom as I danced for hours with an enormous smile on my face as every emotion inside my body was actively flowing. The orgasmic manifestation of the drugs surging around my body enhancing the love, the lights and the dance. The open minded consciousness connecting every human through the energy and freedom that takes place on the gravel pit of a dance floor. The love is infinite.

It wasn’t long before my motor mouth took over again and I was having a conversation with the carer of a guy with cerebral palsy, now he was in his forties and couldn’t actively move nor speak, but he could understand, and trust me he understood and replied to everything I would talk to him about. So, he goes to music events takes shit loads of drugs, and not ones for the weak hearted either, he consumes DMT and LSD because it makes him feel, it connects his heart, his mind, his soul to the community, the people, the music, the lights and the love.

Yes taking drugs on a daily basis is a very harmful and damaging thing to do to yourself but some drugs, when taken correctly, or in the right environment should be fully exploited for the amazing mind opening awareness they bring you. Some practices such as Ayahuasca ceremonies have taken place in Amazonian tribes for like 50,000 years, not to mention the positive effects that Psilocybin or Ecstasy have on depression, Cannabis has on joint pain, seizures and Cancer and all these things are illegal, but, that’s not to say all drugs are great. Heroin is a pretty shit one if you ask me so it’s pretty surprising when you find out that prescription pills actually kill more people than Heroin does, or any illegal drug for that matter. On top of that cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than any illegal drugs, and McDonalds, definitely McDonalds, that Ronald is a nasty mother fucka!

Anyway, lets get back to Rainbow! After this convo I was back in a talkative mood and the LSD wasn’t too visual (or so I thought) so I made my way away from the speakers and lights to go and indulge myself in the art gallery. I bloody love art galleries at festivals, don’t they just leave you speechless?! I quickly made some friends in there after trying to get my head around some of the pictures, it’s not the easiest of task when your sober let alone when life is warping, breathing and showing you new realms of colour and life as you know it.

So it turns out the LSD was very visual, but it was only visual with what I wanted as an individual, as the whole festival had been dedicated thus far to community I believe that’s what my soul was searching for. I love experimenting with drugs and it goes to show how you can learn so much time and time again from something which is deemed such a bad thing. I had such an amazing trip and it wasn’t all spent amongst 20,000 people dancing like a looney, in fact it was spent with about 3 people drinking chai tea smoking joint after joint talking about the whole damn world, and for me that sums up my rainbow, friends, community and love.

Market stage yet again was playing some amazing techno throughout the whole festival and provided an array of top quality light shows, and when the main stage opened the festival just went off! It truly was a magical place to be, the costumes, the intensity from the psytrance combined with thousands of warriors dancing ecstatically through the blistering 35 degree heat, and if that got too much you could roll down the hill and straight into the playground for a daily dose of dub, ska and instrumental music. The theme camps were awesome and chill stage was definitely taken full advantage of  by all the suffering ravers who needed some ambient music in their life. And I can’t forget sunset stage I don’t think it stopped playing bangers all week from psy to glitch.

The doors in my journey keep on opening, and when they keep on opening you have to keep on walking through them, and it sums up last year for me and is continuing in 2017 to be such a wonderful, spiritual, healthy year. As I write this one day after Rainbow I have just had a phone call offering me a job as of next week, and I can not help to think that it’s all connected. The fact that I gave my time to help others, and in return I have been rewarded.

A big thank you to the Rainbow team and community for making it such a wonderful 20th anniversary!

10 thoughts on “Rainbow🌈2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣

  1. I loved your story and people I met told me about that experience. I love to volunteer aswell one day. It’s defenetly a must but I don’t take drugs! Is it still worth it?


    1. Hey, thank you for enjoying my story. Firstly, It is most definitely worth going to any festival regardless whether you take drugs or not. It’s like a huge playground for adults (and kids) with lots of sources of entertainment and happiness. Theres lots of international cuisine to try, workshops to get involved with and plenty of likeminded folks who like to enjoy festivals with out the use of substances. I do hope you get yourself to a festival which appeals to you, I’m almost certain you won’t regret it 😊

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  2. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I will for sure go there one day. There are things we should do especially because it’s a recommendation from my friends I made along the Camino de Santiago. They inspired me. Oh I love Festivals so much shame I don’t go that often. I will find the time though! 😊😊😊😊


  3. You certainly are your mother’s son, a warm and caring person. Just love your tales of your adventures. Stay safe love and good luck with the job. xxxxx Nannyxx


  4. So glad you enjoyed the festival and your experiences 😎😋😂 As your Mumma I am reading your blog with very mixed emotions. You have always known your own mind and rarely have you been afraid to express your opinion 😜Haha. I do admire your courage to express yourself and I am glad to hear it expressed in a fun, considerate and thoughtful way. I have to say “Be careful” with the mind bending stuff.😛 You are very lucky to have a decent one. Don’t break it much love to you Mister Mattster 😘😘😘


    1. And I do apologise, it’s probably not a nice thing to read about for you, however, this is my goal, to break taboos, to question the stigma around opening up about drugs or any scathing topic. Why is it something that’s looked down upon rather than openly discussed?
      I am not addicted to drugs, and I certainly am not ashamed of using them for recreational use every now and again the same for millions of people out there.
      For me, I am lucky, I have the courage to openly discuss them with anyone, I am here to help educate people and of course at the same time I respect that the drugs can be damaging and therefore do not abuse, but many people out there are still hiding in shame rather than being able to reach for help because our society deems drug takers as criminal, low life wreck heads with no job or ambitions which is very untrue and we as a society need to treat drug users in a different way, which starts with being open about discussion 😃
      I will stay safe Mumma, love you lots 😘


    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂 Volunteering can be very rewarding in many different ways. And it’s not just limited to ‘Sign up volunteering’. Going out of your way to help someone, or random acts of kindness are also volunteering, you’re giving your time in order to help someone else for free. We all do it on a daily basis (Or so we should!) without even realizing. Again, thanks for reading 🙂

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