When you’re feeling inspired, use it. Use it to it’s full potential, to express yourself, or to create a vision you’ve had. Use it to spread knowledge, use it to gain knowledge, to better yourself and others. Inspiration is a marvelous emotion we feel, to be able to gain some sort of mental or physical boost through someone else’s doing is simply incredible. Currently I am living with such an intelligent, amazing group of people, always testing one another, sharing articles and debating current affairs. People are always quick to comment on the chilled out, positive vibes around the place and I for one feel more inspired being around them.

For years I felt very strongly against the meat industry, the mass production of animals and the way the businesses shove advertisements down your throat but never done anything about it. At the time I was going to the gym, eating a very dull diet of meat, rice or potato and was surrounded by people like minded and of course the “big inconvenience” in going vegan therefore my actions of slaughter continued. However, when I moved out and surrounded myself with my own thoughts, around different minded people, who didn’t eat meat, who inspired me with information and the know how, the movement had started. Their inspiration took over me, I knew I was close, I just needed that push. Now, I ate meat for 19 years of my life, and I too was one of those people to say “I will never, ever, be vegan” – Here I am, a proud vegan who sees no way back, and I can not express how good I feel.

When I went Vegetarian just over a year ago I didn’t even like vegetables. It was a real struggle at first, for weeks I ate a very basic dinner of beans and potato or beans and toast. I was also working on a Banana farm in North Queensland, Australia and was living in the poorest conditions I have ever lived in, but I persevered and stuck to it. As my hunger grew so did my interest in looking into more recipes and cooking vegetables. I have always enjoyed cooking and can not explain how amazing it is to switch your whole style up. Imagine the key ingredients you cook with? Dairy and meat right? Cheese, meat, cheese, meat. Well now you’re banned from using them, good luck in the kitchen.

You have to learn! and with learning comes the appreciation for the food, yes some of it tasted like shit. But here I am, today, writing this, still alive. My cooking skills had advanced from a dull plate of meat to a colorful veggie platter, and as I got more into the diet I only wanted to go further, so I put my money where my mouth is and went Vegan.

My energy levels have increased dramatically since going vegan, not just physically but emotionally, I feel a lot more positive. I feel as if I am taking steps towards helping the planet rather than destroying it one bite at a time. I am putting my money into little organic self sustained stores, who then use that money to feed or educate their kids, not shove the money in offshore accounts never to be seen by the public eye again.

But the juicy goodness didn’t stop there (and that’s not beef juice it’s more like tomato juice!) I envisioned myself, a better me, a more caring me, someone who is very open to opinions, more humble, calmer, wiser and resourceful, someone who people can come and speak to. I remember over a year ago thinking all of this, wanting to better myself, wanting to become myself not who I was surrounded by friends. I made my own decisions, and stood by my opinions strongly and they just naturally happened, as I showed more compassion towards people and treated others how I would like to be treated I have met the most amazing people.

I tell these stories often and I find it funny how my mind just adapted to think this way, I was on a plane 32,000 feet high when the guy behind me thought it’d be a great idea to rest his feet on the back of my chair(not just for 5 mins, but the whole flight!). I must admit, a year or so ago and I would’ve caused the biggest fuss one could imagine. But, later down the line I simply thought “meh, he’ll have a little kid behind him on the way back, karma’s a bitch!”
Sleeping in hostels is always fun when a bunch of drunken fools come rolling in at 3 – 4am and turn the lights on and start partying, especially when one has work or a trip to go to the next day. A year ago I would have had no problem with standing up, causing a riot and going back to sleep in peace. Now, I simply let life deal with anything unjust. My time is better spent thinking about good thoughts and keeping my emotions in happy mode.

A year down the line, and this is the honest truth, a lot of people comment on how I am, and the way I look at life, my actions taken towards those things and how they got me where I am today. I purely followed my heart, and my heart was inspired by the amazing souls I have met throughout my life, this all resulting in a clearer mind, a clearer soul and a natural process of transformation. I haven’t beaten myself with I must do this and I must do that, I was inspired, and my thoughts and visions continue to shape me into the character I am today, blissfully unaware of change.

So find what it is that inspires you, find what gets your heart racing and use it to its full potential. For me, it’s reading, learning a new juicy fact about the world! I love it, and I love sharing it! When I need to relax I listen to inspirational music like Reggae, it can open your mind up in more ways imaginable. Or, speak to people! Get to know other peoples views on the subject, they may open you up to ideas you’ve never thought of.

Over the past two weeks a few friends who I met last year moved in with me,  one of their mates from back in England just flew out to start his travels and it has been beautifully refreshing to speak to Tom. He’s a bundle of fresh ideas, loaded up to the brim with philosophies and unanswered theories, an absolute joy to talk to and a lovely reminder of just how far I’ve come, and it’s very beautiful to know what Tom is going to experience over the next few years.

Thank you for reading, you are an inspiration to lots, so continue doing what you love and others will take note and learn from you.

Thank you very much.

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