A less pixelated life.


For a while I’ve been working towards a cleaner, healthier life, one with less pixels in it. One with less fatty foods or sugary sweets. It’s all good and well looking after my physical being, but my mental being needs looking after too.

From minimalizing my material gains, to television time, or social media time. Less clutter in my brain leaves more space for useful knowledge. We are in the information age, an age where we have access to anything and everything we want to know, and us humans just haven’t quite evolved enough to absorb the petabytes of information we need to store. Thus resulting in mad reactions across the board. I fully believe that some modern mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, the need for attention and likes. The need to post a false lifestyle online for others to drawl with jealousy over comes from this egotistical way of life we live, and we’re all guilty of it, myself included. I’m no angel, but as a man who practices what he preaches, It’s time to walk the walk.

I’ve dramatically cut down my Facebook time over the past 6 months, going from an avid user who would share, post and cry for attention on a daily basis, to just checking it once a day for my notifications to see if anything important has happened. And guess what?! Nothing has! So It’s time to take it the step further, don’t cut down, cut it off.

“But it’s hard to keep in contact with people without facebook” – Well, this is what I’d like to find out for myself, and if I’m completely honest I think it’s going to boost my communication with friends and family throughout the world. We have become so content with the ease of access of reaching out to one another, we don’t actually do it. Since leaving home my communication with my best friends whom I was attached to and talking to all day every day has completely fallen through the floor. It’s as if I’m on a different planet, but I get it… I’ve been uploading regular pictures, regular status or blogs, you know my life, there is no need to send me a direct message. Or is there?

In the last 6 months I’ve been super productive, filling my time with reading, writing, travelling and meeting all kinds funky people from all over the world. I’ve been to 6 different countries, completely changed my diet, and I’m now putting the little time I have on this planet towards more rewarding subjects rather than relentlessly scrolling through absolute bullshit.

I started a new job a few weeks ago and have been catching the train to work everyday. Which never fails to amaze me the feelings of pure dread and depression in the mornings. Every soul on board is scrolling down the page of doom looking utterly miserable, commuting like a colony of ants to the daily 9-5 to smash out an 8 hour day of work. Statistically speaking the average office worker is only productively working 3 out of the 8 hours a day, probably spends the rest of the day watching bullshit media that has a knock on effect on your mood (I know this because I’m one of them, and no… I’m not writing this blog while I’m in work, or am I?) . It only took me a week of train journeys like that and I purchased a bicycle to ride to work instead, key thing there. If you don’t like something with your life, change it for the better.

I’ve wrote about this before but I’ll repeat, if the first thing you see when you wake up is negative, the rest of your day will roll on that feeling especially if you don’t have the mind control to radically switch your mood. Likewise, the last thing you see before you go to bed is negative, good luck getting to sleep. Example, if you walk out your house and see someone get hit by a car for the rest of the day, if not week you will be replaying that over and over again. So why is it different when we see it online? Because it’s not in person? Because you didn’t physically see that person get hit? It’s no different, your brain stores that video and then decides to replay it just before you go to bed when reflecting upon your day.

Change your reflection before bed to a positive one, everyone lays in bed thinking about the world just before we sleep, it’s a natural process. I smoke marijuana, and as you advocates know, this opens up your brain to a very spiritual way of thinking, and can often make it harder to sleep as your brain is so active. Accept that it’s active, don’t get angry, don’t roll around wondering why you can’t get to sleep, just accept that it’s not happening. Do something which relaxes you, read a book, listen to meditational music, smoke some more marijuana if that’s what gets you to bed. Shit have a whiskey if it’s going to relax you. Just don’t stress about things which cannot be prevented. Turn it around, think of all the amazing things you done today, starting with waking up, then be thankful for the food you eat, and the clothes you put on your body because there are 1.3 billion people that don’t even have that (Yes, we still live in a world where 1.3 billion people live on $1.25 a day). Be grateful for the small things in life, because those small things we take for granted, are dreams for some.

Anyway, back on subject. Facebook on the whole is a great app, after all it’s been downloaded over a billion times and covers just about every subject known to man, but it’s functionality is no longer needed in MY life. So It’s going, and I’ll report back in 6 months, hopefully with positive news. I’m also not doing this because I’m “unhappy” in life, because it’s quite the opposite, I’ve never been happier, but it doesn’t mean I can’t live a purer, cleaner, less pixelated life.

Thanks for reading gracious humans

P.s The Featured image is how I feel right about now, I took this picture hiking through North Island of New Zealand. Somewhere on planet earth you can find this place, near Ahipara.

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