Life sorta stuff!

Been a busy boy lately, running around like a mad man. Today marks one month at my new job, a month of being back in the rat race. A month of adjustment as I took my brain through what felt like an army exercise to get back into the swing of things. Flooded with more information than one can handle. Eyes sore from staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. Bags added underneath from the extra hours of self-sustainability, trying to search and search for my little part in this world. Things are coming together, slowly but surely. I am now dabbling in a lot of arts, looking into many business ventures and how I can sustain myself, work for me, and travel for me.

One of my friends has just moved into my room splitting the cost of rent between us. This is a common backpacker thing, the more you can save, the sooner you are back out on the road. I’ve just spent over 8 months sleeping on floors, hostels, sofas, beaches, benches, forests, mountains etc, etc. One would’ve thought that a bit of privacy would go down a treat. Well it did, for a month. Now I’m back sharing midnight snores, Saturday morning sessions and the odd ‘can you sleep down stairs, I have a lady friend with me tonight’. Life just got a little bit normal again, and yes normal is now considered exactly that.

I’m off to Babylon festival tomorrow (Friday 10th) with a load of friends, in fact I think there’s about fifteen of us going! I’m not very good at sticking with people at festivals or parties in general, so this will be a challenge! There is nothing quite like exploring on your own, the past two festival I have been too I was a lone ranger, and it’s a beautiful experience. Making new friends because you have no choice but to (not that I struggle for that, I can talk for England and then some!). Being more approachable as a single is something I have definitely picked up travelling solo, especially if you look a bit washed out and can crack out a good story or two. At the same time I’m looking forward to group festivities again.

It was International Women’s day yesterday, and I am a big fan of the female species. So I’d like to just say an out loud THANK YOU to every Woman on Planet Earth for not only playing a huge role in the reproduction of human kind but for cracking on with daily needs too. I will be forever grateful for your presence and I cannot help but think about my Mumma! Looking back on my Mothers selfless actions, choosing her sons over herself any time, any day. In fact, I believe my Mother is an Angel, I cannot express how much she has helped people throughout her life. From a young age she has been caring, and looking after people. Even now she’s 50 years young and only got a year left at University! Studying to become an Occupational Therapist because, it’s what she does! Looks after the world! Some jobs she has dealt with and put up with I really cannot imagine any “MAN” doing. So to all you wonderful womanly beings, Thank you! Thank you for caring!

Matty P over and out!

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