Grampians National Park

A few weeks ago I escaped the city for a weekend in the bush, the bush we chose to go to was Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. I’ve been meaning to go to the Grampians for a while now, and although I been very close It wasn’t for a hike, but instead for festivals (which you can read about here & here).

We decided to camp in the north side at ‘Plantation Campground’ which I would highly recommend if you are stopping by. The camp has a running tap, compost loo’s, several fire pits with plenty of level green grass to set up on! No obstructions from above provide the perfect place to sit in awe at the southern hemispheres beautiful star lit sky while keeping toasty around a nice warm fire.

Sunday was spent taking it easy choosing to walk via McKenzie Falls, basking in the luscious smells of green forestry, and feeling the crunch of the gravel under our boots. The sun was often popping out to say hello and with that new found warmth we’d set ourselves at a good viewpoint, enjoy a fruit snack and light up a big joint.

The next morning we followed the Wonderland Loop (9.6 km circuit) starting from Halls gap and ending up at the Pinnacle. The walk can be done in half a day and provides an abundance of great views along the way. I think it took us about 4 hours which goes to show just how many times you can stop, enjoy the view and set off again. I was really impressed with the trail, it kept chopping and changing from winding gravel paths to steep gradient hopping stones. There were trees to climb over and some small waterfalls to scale, on or off the beaten path we were having lots of fun.

Anywhoo, enough of the chit chat. Enjoy some pictures!

Pinnacle viewpoint

Perfect spot to light one up

Desert Banksia

McKenzie falls

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