Melbourne To Sydney

My time in Melbourne has been utterly sensational. Friends have become like family and helped to create some of the finest memories one could have wished for. But like they say, all good things come to an end and although I’m sad to leave, I’m over the moon with what life’s itinerary has laid out for me. I doubt it’ll be the last time I step foot in Melbourne, but I know I certainly won’t be back for a while. As much as I absolutely loved my time spent there and the suburb I lived in for it’s vibrant funk and care free souls that bless the streets of the Carlton.
The city has taken it’s toll on me once again and it’s time to escape the cooperate invasion of advertisement, mass media,  wealth and greed I’ve been cooped up in for the past 6 months. It’s time to live again.

With no real plan just a general direction of north we left the city and headed for Yarra Ranges National Park. We ascended through the national park traversing the winding roads surrounded by dense green forestry with shrubbery and ferns at the base of the tall redwood trees creating harmonious base layers that feed the ecosystem.


One second we were singing along blissfully, the next we turned the corner to see snow on the ground! It’s been years since I last saw some snow, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to bump into any on my way up north, turns out I was wrong!
We weren’t far from our destination so we decided to contain our excitement for a few more minutes, and I’m glad we did. As we parked up to Lake Mountain I checked the altitude on my watch, we were 1400 metres above sea level. We jumped out the stuffy car grabbing our jackets and inhaling a deep breathe of the finest, freshest air the earth has to offer. I’ve never seen snow gum woodlands before, the bare naked look to the trees gave the Victorian alps a very free but lonely feeling. The views were absolutely incredible and it was rather great to throw some snowballs again!



After a spot of lunch we headed for a free campsite (The Walnut) located in Alpine National Park. Within minutes of arrival we had the tent pitched, a glass of wine and dinner on the go. All of which was accompanied by a well needed campfire.

The following morning I uncracked the frozen tent door, ran around the campsite and stuck my hands behind the exhaust pipe of the car to defrost myself before making some breakfast. Cold was a bitter understatement!

Time for some hiking! Yey! Blue Mountains were on the cards next and something I’d been really looking forward to. The rain held off for a few days and we managed to get onto some walking tracks. The blue haze within the mountains is formed from the eucalyptus oil in the trees. Initially hearing about the blue haze I was a little skeptical about it, but the amazing thing with me travels is I am fortunate enough to check it out for myself!
Right before me stood ginormous canyons filled with luscious green forest as far as the eye can see. All of which appeares to be highlighted with a blue mist. Each walk takes you scurrying through canyons to different viewpoints, all giving their own personal perspective to the mountains, unlocking hidden gems that may be obstructed from the latter.




After several days of good hiking conditions the weather started to turn. Fortunately we had had our fair share of nights hugging the bottle, smoking and dancing round the fire and decided to be grateful for what we’d achieved. Sydney was the next destination.

On the way I decided to hit up a few friends I’d met on my travels, which still amazes me to this day that little ol’ me has friends all over the world. The fact that I can rock up to a city on the other side of the world and still know people. Fuck yeah!

I met up with a few homies that I worked with on a banana farm in northern queensland last year, we had a good ching wag reminiscing about the good times we had together, swapping stories of our recent travel trips and discussing our future travel plans.

After a well needed kip in a bed it was time to get productive. We headed to Bondi Beach to start the Bondi to Bronte Beach coastal walk. A walk that reminded me of a traditional British trip to the seaside. Wet and windy! Having said that, coastlines can often be very scenic with a bit of a storm rolling through. It’s nice to show that not all the glitter is gold!



Last time I came to Sydney I didn’t make it out of Bondi, and yet again I probably wouldn’t of made it unless my beautiful friend Brianna didn’t invite me to a drag night out in town! How could I say no to that?! Vegan hotdogs and a drag show… Count me in! And what a night it was! I witnessed a lovely lady pull a whole sushi roll from her private bits, unwrap the cling film and munch away at it! To be fair to her, she did share it with one lucky lad from the crowd. Who seemed best pleased with himself that he was eating what he was eating!

The following day I caught the public transport back to the hostel where my friends were staying. The deli outside filled my nostrils with delightfulness and lured me inside for a spot of breakfast. Feeling worse for ware I sat and waited for my pals to come and take the piss out of me, fortunately for me, they were in the same boat, so we struggled through our breakfasts together.

With full stomachs we jumped in the motor and continued our journey north. We are expecting a change scenery from 9th – 16th so stay tuned!

2nd June – 9th June locations:
Yarra Ranges National Park – free camping
Lake Mountain
Alpine National Park – free camping (The Walnut)
Blue Mountains National Park – free camping (Blackheath Glen, The old ford)
Sydney / Bondi (YHA backpacker hostel)
M Deli Cafe outside YHA backpacker is highly recommended, they do have some vegan options also!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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