The battle of the ego vs modern day marketing

As I imagine my future 60 year old self walking home on a dark drizzly day my heart rate increases as this dark moment of visualisation occurs. The years 2055 and once again I’ve “made it to Friday” they chant out on the radio or whatever gadget we are still listening to Ken Bruce on. A congratulations is in order for making it to the end of the working week, which, if you were wondering is still in favour of a 5-2 rotation. Anyway, the congratulations was warmly welcomed as it’s the only form flattery one is likely to receive on this day. Goodbyes and farewells to the work colleagues for an enjoyable weekend and then autopilot kicks in as I walk the same route home that I’ve walked for the past 35 years.
Hopefully, by then, I’ve given enough of my time that I’ve managed to receive the required digits in order for me to pay off the square box I call my home. The square box that sits amongst rows of other square boxes filled with many other people who have lived a very similar life, yet whom I know nothing about.
But why, why do we follow this pattern and why do we not question it? Industrialisation and the obsession for material gain is clouding our judgement and disconnecting us from our core spiritual beings. Infrastructure has been built to suit those at the top with a system of the masses relying on the few. Most are aware of this but feel powerless to do anything.
As someone who struggles to stay content with a “normal” approach to life my mind wanders of the possibilities of self sustained funds coming in, as a modern day nomad but instead of herding cattle I’m herding electronic goods. The idea of earning a modest living whilst being versatile to movement, or creating a work space within your own family environment has always peaked my interests. The question is, where does one start?
This very question has been rattling around ever since I was in school when powerful visions like the one described above were my daily thoughts as I stared through the white board. As I have evolved along my journey I discovered many valuable teachings, the most important ones being nature and spirituality. These teachings enabled me to forecast a life outside of the rat race and away from the endless drudgery for material gain, and it also gave me a place to start.
Through spirituality I learnt thus far no matter how bleak the situation something can always be learnt, taken, appreciated or gifted. With the immense power of gratification I learnt to be thankful for the biggest things in life; water, food, shelter, family and all of the commodities one took for granted every single day. Through living, physical observation and interaction with nature I reignited a connection to the land as what can only be describe as ‘natural’ funnily enough. Waking up when the birds wake up, eating breakfast as the sun wakes up, winding down when the sun does, and hitting the sack when the moon lights the night sky. Natural cycles. No more living by the clock. No more of having to be at work by this time, or having to do this by that time, I have to be home by this time, to ensure I have dinner by this time, so that I have enough time to unwind so that when It’s time for bed I have enough hours sleep in me to repeat it all again. We watch the time so much, yet where does it go? Where is the time for our own personal growth? Where’s the time to spend with our loved ones? Oh yeah sorry, I forgot about  two days we are allocated a week. My message about being time controlled is half and half because I am grateful for time in a respect that it allows me to pack as much into my day as possible, but who grounds these 24 hours into the day? who created this mundane timeclock we live by. I have nothing against work, I enjoy work, when I’m enjoying something I like to do, when what I’m doing is meaningful and fulfilling, not just lining some multi million nationals pockets.
I found direction when I stumbled across Permaculture. Permaculture is a design approach to living off of the land using core principles which regenerate and restabilize the land. An example of this would be using Permaculture practices to turn a degraded piece of land which was once uninhabitable to one of abundance which could host a community of self sustained peoples. In contrary to this it could turn a water logged area into one which manages that excess water and stores it in the ground to create a habitable space. Permaculture integrates with natural building as a technique for sustainable and affordable housing as well as boasting a range of economic models such as market gardening and holistic management of animals to fund the cost of the land and living expenses.
Years ago when I started blogging I felt my journey wasn’t prolific enough to share for I myself had only just put my toes in the water, not to mention the anxiety which would follow after posting my mind online for whoever happens to stumble across it. However, as an ever evolving speck of star dust I tend not to give a shit anymore. There is a war within myself, on one shoulder I condemn all forms of self advertising and attention seeking behaviours that feeds the physical being with instant gratification. And then there is the dude in robes and sandals on my other shoulder preaching songs of joy and wisdom to anyone who is willing to listen. After all, aren’t we rendering knowledge worthless if we are not sharing the good and discarding the bad. We are evolving beings, we need not be scared of change, yet embrace change whether that be as a society or personal gain, but change must come from individual peoples first. It’s no good preaching that the world should change, if we ourselves are contributing towards the degradation.
So, back to the title ‘The battle of the ego vs modern day marketing’. This is where I’m at; the preacher within me who has walked the walk, now wants to talk the talk. Yet, on the other hand, my spirit does not want anything to do with anything that feeds the ego. The spirit being a selfless, non egotistical driven entity desires no contact with social media likes or any form of attention seeking self based advertising. I simply want to spread the teachings of which nature has showed to me.
I have vowed to myself to not get caught up in the feeling of needing to post for my imaginary fan base. Likewise to not think of what what my ex girlfriend from x amount of years ago would think of my post whilst I’m laying in bed. And lastly, for the sake of our children and our grandchildren I have vowed to myself to spread what I have experienced, to learn from others experiences, and to help towards this monumental shift of consciousness we are experiencing as a younger generation. I hope you enjoyed my brain farts, if you wish to contact me please do so,

With Gratitude,

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