I started my journey some years ago, and now I look back I guess I’ve always been searching, looking for something to fill that void within. Searching for a place in this wild, yet exquisite cluster of atoms, star dust, or spiritual mass of energy that brings us all together.

While our heart pumps the same colour blood regardless the colour of our skin, many of us are yet to feel true oneness. Many of us still distinguish ourselves different from our fellow human neighbours, separated by an illusionary boundary created by modern map makers ordered by those, who just over 200 years ago decided to label this chunk of land X and that a Y, the same people who have become the sole purpose of our every move, our every action and our every thought that rips through our ever wandering minds. We have been contaminated and brainwashed with materialism, consumerism, politics, capitalism, propaganda, religion, war, terror, whatever you want to label it as, and us, the human kind are only one short fall from destroying our planet, and our very existence.

We’ve been taught to accept that it is what it is. That we’re to small to make a difference, and that we cannot reverse the damage that has been done. But I for one, see through the bullshit facade of media that entwines our society, and through my experiences, along my personal journey I’ve found one thing;

No matter where you are in the world, or how much riches you have, happiness comes from within. Whether your sole purpose is career driven to live a life full of luxuries, or a life invested with your family on a self sustained farm, the happiness comes from truly doing what you feel is right in this world.

If consuming new products, shoes, clothes, cars, electronics, whatever it may be makes you incredibly happy then consume away! But if you’re consuming for brief happiness, to fill that black void with a momentary fix of dopamine then we have to start searching within ourselves, not in a shopping centre.

I’ve been consciously aware of the search for some years now, and although I have come to accept that life will always be a progression of evolution, a constant learning game, with more and more enlightenment to follow. I’ve gained core principals thus far and in the doing so my life has regained a spiritual connection to mother earth, a deeper connection to our fellow beings, and a tendency to look after every living thing, just as we are here to do so.

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With Gratitude,